Our T&C's for Sellers Made Clear

 While we are not necessarily expecting immaculate items, we often say, if you would be happy to buy it second hand yourself, then it should be good enough to sell on to a new little owner. We understand that some items won't be perfect because they have been loved previously.

what we buy


  • New and preloved baby and children’s clothes up to age 12.


  • Footwear and outerwear up to age 12 and shoe size 3. 


  • Books, puzzles, and games

  • Plastic, soft and wooden toys


  • Baby Equipment (Feeding equipment, Jumperoos, Bath Seats etc) and Nursey accessories


  • Baby sleeping bags/Blankets

  • Kids underwear and socks if they’re brand new with tags or in original packaging. (we do not accept used underwear or used socks) 

What we pay

First and foremost, we are a business and we DO sell items on for a profit. We use our professional experience to judge what prices we can sell items for and we will offer you a price based on that decision. You can get an idea of what we might sell items on for by browsing our website, but bear in mind that prices can and do fluctuate due to a number of factors. We also have all the costs associated with running a business that we need to cover.

Please ensure you are completely happy with how our business works before you sell your items to us. You will be able to make more money selling your items individually direct to buyers. However, this can be very time consuming and sometimes rather irritating! By selling to us, you get a quick and easy sale! Our aim is to provide an efficient, stress-free service, that allows you to clear out most of your preloved items in one go, while generating some cash. Plus you know that you’re helping the environment, all at the same time!​

What we pay does vary depending on the brand and quality, but below is a guideline of what we may offer you for your items.  Please note that we do pay more for Designer brands (depending on condition and age), but below is a breakdown based on supermarket & high street brands.


25p per item dependant on brand.  10p for vests & sleepsuits.   

Clothing 0-12m:


50p - £1 per item dependant on brand & condition. 

Clothing 12m+


Dependant on make & popularity. Please send us details.



50p to £1.50 per item depending on condition and popularity.

Books, puzzles & games:

And Finally...

We can only pay for items we are able to sell, so anything that doesn’t meet our buying standards will not be purchased. Anything not purchased will not be included in your valuation. 

Please ensure you have read and accept our T&C’s before sending items to us, as we will not cover the cost of returning items to you which are not as described, or do not meet our T&C’s.


Once we receive your items, please allow 7 business days for us to process them. We will contact you via either email or Facebook messenger to let you know your total payment, and request your bank or PayPal details in order to make payment.


As we can only pay for items we can sell we will either email or Facebook message you to ask if you would like any rejected items returned. Particularly with clothes we do often find a few items that we just cannot sell. We completely understand that busy parents don't have the time to inspect each item in detail, so sometimes marks or stains can be missed. As we understand that sometimes things are missed, we hope that you understand that we have to maintain the high standards our buyers have come to expect.  Due to the volume of goods that we are inspecting weekly, we are unfortunately unable to send pictures or details of inspected items. 

What can be done with rejected items?

If you do not want your items back, we will happily donate them to charity.  We are lucky to work with a couple of local charities and they are always grateful for donations of any kind.  We will categorically NOT sell your rejected items on. 

If you want your rejected items returned and you have posted your items to us, we will to post your items back to you, within one week of you requesting they are returned. This will be done at a cost of £5.50 for parcels under 2kg or £8.00 for anything over 2kg. 


If you dropped your items off we will hold your items for one week and you are welcome to collect them.  If you do not collect your items within one week, your items will be donated to charity as we can't store items for a long period, we just don't have space.

If we collected your items, we can return them for the same fee. 



What happens after items have been accepted?

Unfortunately, we cannot return any items that have been accepted. Once your items have been processed and a payment agreed, they are likely to go straight on sale. They may have already been purchased! So please double check that you aren't sending anything of sentimental value!

Before you send us any items:


Please make sure that you are happy with all our terms and conditions before sending any items to us. By sending your items to us, you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions on our website in full, and accept that our discretion on what we can and can’t accept is final.