Hot Wheels high-speed  adventures  and  endless  storytelling  possibilities!  Kids  can  load  the  Hot  Wheels™  City  Lift  &  Launch™  Hauler  up  with  over  20  vehicles (comes with 10 Hot Wheel vehicles) to  transport  them  in  style. 

When they  arrive  at  their  destination,  pull  the  main  lever  to  activate  the  Lift  &  Launch  feature.  The  hauler's  levels  will  expand  to  lift  the  cars  up,  then  launch  them  down  the  ramps  and  into  action!  This  Hot  Wheels  City  Lift  &  Launch  Hauler  includes  10  Hot  Wheels  vehicles  to  get  the  action  started  right  away.  Connect  to  other  Hot  Wheels City  sets  or  orange  track  to  launch  vehicles  into  epic  stunts  and  revved-up  races!  When  playtime's  over,  stash  the  cars  in  the  hauler  and  motor  off  to  the  next  adventure.  With  so  many  opportunities  for  action  storytelling,  the  Hot  Wheels City  Lift  &  Launch Hauler  makes  a  great  gift  for  kids  and  car  enthusiasts.



  • Kids can hit the road and launch into storytelling with the Hot Wheels City Lift & Launch Hauler and 10 Hot Wheels vehicles!

  • With a cool Lift & Launch feature and space to stow over 20 die-cast vehicles, this big rig revs up instant imagination.

  • ​Activate the Lift & Launch feature to expand the hauler's levels, lifting the cars up to launch them down the ramp and into action!

  • ​Connect to Hot Wheels City sets, orange track or other sets to launch the vehicles into epic stunts and revved-up races.

Hot Wheels Lift and Launch Hauler With 10 Cars (3+ Years)